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Tohoku High-Vol Solar

Green Field


Last Update

Jul 24, 2023

Project Information 

The developer is a lean organization with a robust track record in the development field. They hold a first-degree construction license and are proficient in providing EPC services. Actively engaging in PPA projects, they have already commenced joint development initiatives with major companies in the Hokuriku area.

The developer's strategic focus lies in the development of a substantial number of high-voltage power plants in the Tohoku area, including certain regions in the Kanto area. Presently, they are actively seeking capital partners to expedite these plans. An ideal capital partner would boast competitive capital costs and possess strong sourcing capabilities for off-takers. Additionally, a unique funding strategy would be a significant advantage.

Their consistent ability to generate projects of approximately 10-20 MW annually creates a strategic imperative for the buy-side to establish a partnership aimed at unlocking further upside potential.

Offering incentive plans to mid-sized developers with a proven track record in development and partnering with them at an early stage, along with crafting a business strategy for effective collaboration with multiple developers, is deemed critical in determining the buy-side's success.







Main Location

Tohoku, Japan

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