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  • What is your service fee structure?
    We operate on a success fee basis. The success fee is charged only when a transaction is successfully completed between the parties. The fee amount varies depending on the transaction size and the phase of the project. The fee level is highly competitive. We charge our fees depending on the progress of your deal with your counterpart. Please check with us to figure out the fee schedule of each project.
  • Are there any fees other than the success fee?
    No, there are no fees other than the success fee. We strictly follow a complete success fee model and do not charge any upfront fees, interim fees, or consultation fees until the contract with the seller is successfully concluded.
  • What kind of agreements are exchanged between the seller and LADDER RENEWABLES?
    We exchange a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Investor Search Service Agreement.
  • Can I be notified immediately when new project information becomes available?
    If new project information becomes available, we will first appraise the potential buyers in the preliminary stage (Please register your email address at Project Update section). Subsequently, we will contact you again once the formal intermediary preparations for the project are in place. We will provide the formal project information based on the order of inquiries received in the preliminary stage (subject to "name clearance" from the seller's side).
  • How does LADDER RENEWABLES screen the seller and their projects?
    We review the project's commercial viability, the seller's basic credit information, media databases, and banking transaction records. However, these evaluations do not guarantee the certainty of the project or eliminate counterparty risks and credit risks associated with the seller. A thorough risk assessment is within the scope of the buyer's due diligence process.
  • Is it possible to have access to project information on a priority basis compared to other potential buyers?
    Yes, it is possible. We can prioritize providing information on projects that meet pre-defined criteria by entering into an exclusive search contract.
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