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BESS Project Portfolio 1

Green Field


Last Update

Jul 25, 2023

Project Information 

This project is led by an experienced developer in PV. The development pipeline is also very abundant, and the process of sourcing business sites is cautious and rational.

While significant investments in large-scale BESS businesses are active in the United States, Japan is still in its early stages. Currently, the large-scale BESS projects under development are expected to be operational in a few years, but buy-side firms are making early investment decisions with a focus on future business environments. The preconditions and long-term forecasts of revenue environments provided by reputable consulting companies significantly influence investment decisions. Investment firms create revenue curves to assess whether they align with their investment strategies.

As BESS business is a new segment, some buy-side firms are considering developing projects from scratch. However, for buy-side firms with limited experience in sourcing and screening business sites, this approach poses higher risks.

To pursue scale in BESS investment execution, collaboration with reliable developers is essential. BESS business is a fresh segment, making it the optimal time to establish long-term partnerships with trustworthy developers.







Main Location

Kyushu, Japan

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