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Kansai Solar Lands



Last Update

Jul 24, 2023

Project Information 

This is a highly unique and valuable investment opportunity. It involves the sale of land that is currently leased for FIT (Feed-in Tariff) mega-solar projects. This business site has been operational since the early days of the FIT program and has 11 years remaining to receive annual lease payments.

The seller is seeking a buyer who will offer an appropriate purchase price, considering the present value of lease income and the value of the solar energy business site.

While some argue that the emergence of perovskite solar cells may diminish the value of existing solar power business sites, is that really the case?

If perovskite or other new technologies were to exhibit significantly higher power generation output per unit area than silicon-based solar cells, such claims might be justified.

However, Professor Miyasaka, who played a leading role in perovskite solar cell development, stated that "perovskite cells are not meant to replace silicon-based solar cells but rather to complement them, and the two are expected to coexist for some time."

Furthermore, operational power plants hold the following value:
1. Already connected to the power grid.
2. High probability of continued use as solar energy business sites even after the FIT period ends.
3. Proven long-term operation as solar energy business sites, allowing assessment based on track records of disaster risks, solar irradiation levels, and environmental stability in the vicinity.

Those involved in solar power plant development are aware of the increasing challenges in securing sites for mega-solar projects.

For investors seeking to secure solar energy business sites with stable cash flows and implement long-term strategies, this opportunity is considered attractive.







Main Location

Kansai, Japan

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