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Referral Program

Attention to individuals with a broad network
in the renewable energy industry!

Introduce LADDER, and Earn Rewards!

Please introduce LADDER to your acquaintances, business partners, and friends, whom you are familiar with. 

Rewards: If the customers you refer to our services result in successful transactions, we will provide a success fee of up to 20% of the commission earned by our company.

All you need is an INTRODUCTION. Nothing more. 

When you have a request like the followings:

- I would like to leverage my network, but I am busy with other things, so I would appreciate your assistance.

- I would like to refer a developer with strong development skills.

- I would like to discuss the strategy for the PPA business together.

- I would appreciate support when selling an operational power plant.

- I know of lands suitable for renewable energy power generation.

- I have a client company that wants to buy a power plant, so I would like to consult about it.

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