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Our Services 

Our services include:

Not just introducing
projects to buy-sides
But also nurturing
the process developments with sell-sides. 

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Full-Fledged Arrival Of PPA Market

The flow in which the value of a PPA project is determined by the collaboration of multiple parties from the early stages of business planning is a characteristic of the PPA industry.

During the FIT era, the business structure was simple, and the risk factors were limited, making it easier for the baton to be passed from sellers to buyers even in the later stages of the project.

In the era of PPA, it is necessary for parties to bring various functions and collaborate on role allocation within the value chain at the early stage of business planning. However, there are differences between sellers and buyers in areas such as expertise, capital strength, sales capabilities, risk tolerance, business strategy, business resources, and customer assets. In addition to sellers and buyers, the utilization of external service providers is also indispensable.

With this understanding, it is crucial to have appropriate matching between sellers and buyers aiming to construct the PPA value chain and clearly define their respective roles in it.

LADDER RENEWABLES understands that our value lies in not just acting as an intermediary that shares project information, but in supporting sellers and buyers to engage in ideal value chain construction.

Our Services

Developers/Asset Owners


Investors/Power Producers

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